Ultimate Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Doing Hook Up

Many boyfriends want to know if their girlfriend is into hookup or faithful. This is done when considering marriage, or the level of loyalty in a relationship. With the rise of poverty, cybercrime, and social media.

Hookup has become an avenue for girls to make more illicit money, and become lazy and disloyal. When two persons are in a relationship, they are expected to be faithful to each other but depending on the dating dynamics.

Cheating is heartbreaking when it occurs in a relationship. There are different reasons or excuses normally given by people who want to be unfaithful. Sometimes this reason is quantifiable or not measurable. 

Cheating comes from a place of being dishonest or insertable. Being dishonest breeds when you allow negative thoughts to dwell in your head and heart. Anything that dwells much in the heart would grow someday. 

Telling your partner the truth about how you feel and what happens to you when you go out also helps you to pour out your thoughts through conversations. Conversations help to purge bad thoughts and can be therapeutic.

There are visible signs a lady would show if she is involved in hookups. Today I would reveal activities and signs your girlfriend will portray if she is in a relationship with you and doing hookups.

Although there are exceptions to the points listed below as they are mainly a guideline to help you investigate or clear your doubts. After carrying out your research on her activities only then can you evaluate if she is with you out of hustle or for love.

How to know If Your Girlfriend Is Doing Hookup

1. Having two WhatsApp

2. Keeps late night

3. Always online

4. Airplane mode

5. Unexplained gifts and bank alerts

6. Extensive uber history

7. Shows nudes on social media

8. Has no decent clothes

9. She is a heavy drinker

10. Likes to party and do drugs

11. Transactional sex

12. Leaves to the bathroom when out

13. Bad money habit

14. Only value material things.

15. Unrealistic goals

16. Low manners

17. Has no job 

18. Many bathroom and hotels selfies

  • Having two WhatsApp
Two WhatsApp

Having two WhatsApp is like existing in two separate worlds or having an extra secret backup plan. This is a sign of having a different life from what your partner already knows of you. This is a red flag in a relationship and also a sign that your girlfriend is doing hookups. 

Two WhatsApp is a sign that your girlfriend is engaging in hookups. Two WhatsApp messages help her hide her other activities away from you. Although there is an exception to having a double WhatsApp as the case of running a business which has to be separated from personal life.

In a relationship, there is a level of partnership, loyalty, and trust a girlfriend is expected to give her boyfriend. Being dodgy with a mobile phone is because she has something she is hiding away from you. 

Demanding to search her phone should not be a debate if she has nothing to hide. As lovers, you both should have access to each other’s phones without a hassle. Having access to each other’s phones helps to reduce each other’s level of porosity and refill it with a conscious effort.

  • Late night
Late Night

Late nights are another sign that your girlfriend does hook up. A faithful girlfriend comes straight home after the day’s work, as she is not interested in other activities not planned with the knowledge of her boyfriend.

A girlfriend who has other ulterior motives stays out till very late. We are human and have our day-to-day activities, these activities carry exemptions depending on the importance and legitimacy of errands because of need or urgency.

These exempted important errands may include, a quick dash to the supermarket, picking up delivered items, a quick saloon fix, using the Automated Teller Machine for cash, etc. Although errands should be run earlier into the day and not late at night for more safety.

Keeping up late at night is not a good habit, if your girlfriend indulges in night activities this is a sign that she is prone to engaging in hookups. Late night popularly known as the ungodly hour fosters meeting strangers.

Late-night fosters meeting strangers if your girlfriend has a knack for keeping late at night. You should ask her what keeps her late into the night so that you can check her reasons, motive, and action.

  • Always online

Spending so many unproductive hours on social media to chat with other men’s direct messengers also known as dm, this routine is a sign showing that she is leading other men on. This right here is one sure way to know if your girlfriend engages in hookup activities.

There are exceptions to staying online, with running a business or an obligation to host an activity online just like a cell program for religious persons, etc.

Her online activity log would help you know what she has up her sleeves.

Girls now maximize any avenue to be seen or admired by other men. A faithful girlfriend has no other business in another man’s DM. This shows that your girlfriend has other outside interests besides you.

Social media and the invention of many dating or hookup apps and sites can now be easily accessed. Dishonest girlfriends use this means to have other side relationships. But before you probe your girlfriend’s online log activity, be cautious to know or see triggers.

This is because sometimes people just have a great addition to their mobile phones. Followed by social media which entertains our viewing pleasure. 

Being online can also be escape for the mind, that is the reason you have to tread cautiously so that you don’t offend your partner by throwing accusations or tantrums that don’t exist without a piece of evidence.

  • Airplane mood
Image result for airplane mode

Always puts her phone on airplane mode, this trick is as old as airplane mode itself lol. Airplane mood is used on mobile devices when you don’t want to be reached, communicated with, or disturbed. The airplane’s mood makes her not available in the meantime.

This is mostly used by people whose job is online and very demanding. Always putting her phone on an airplane means she does not want to be disturbed for a while. As a worker or a business owner, her phone would always blow up with calls.

Your girlfriend always coming over while her phone is on an airplane mood is a bad sign for your relationship. The airplane mood on her phone means she is hiding something from you. However, your girlfriend’s decision to put her phone on airplane mood is right because she owns the phone. 

But with her not being a worker and her phone being on flight mood signifies she has someone else. That is the reason why her phone is always in an airplane mood. Without her phone in the airplane mood, she would have incessant calls and will not be free to answer properly or explain herself to you.

Her phone is on airplane mode for the reason being that she is frequently contacted for hookups. The only way she can hide this activity from you is by not being available on her phone whenever she is with you. 

Dear guys, when you are in a relationship, you should always make your girlfriend stay over at your place from time to time. This is the only way you could know if she is involved in hookups or not. 

Coming over for just a day or two wouldn’t do your relationship any good. I advise you to spend more time together and build trust. A leopard cannot change its spot, keep her close to you and watch things unveil for yourself.

 Be careful not to label her with any bad names or accusations until you see disparities in her behavior and around you. If your girlfriend continuously puts her phone on airplane mood means she has something to hide. 

  • Unexplained gifts and bank alerts 

Unexplained gifts and bank alerts show that your girlfriend is doing hookups. Gifts are either given from love, care, sentiment, or cohesion. Unexplained gifts from others mean she is not only into you.

People give gifts for different reasons. Unexplained gifts show that your girlfriend is indulging her admirers outside. Gifts from strangers come with consequences or an exchange of something in return. 

These incessant gifts from outsiders are no proof of love but cohesion. Your girlfriend accepting these gifts means she is ready to go down with them without thinking. A well-mannered lady knows that collecting gifts from strangers is not good etiquette while dating.

 Disturbing as it may sound, the number of gifts around her signifies how deep she is into hookups. This would be a very hard fight to win as she is not engaged in only one person but many people.

The continuous alert is a big red flag for a relationship. As a boyfriend, you should know your girlfriend’s family members by name. Again she may have her account saved as a benefactor from family members, the reason she receives bank alerts.

Asides from family members saving her account details as a benefactor, other unknown names and alerts are a red flag in a relationship. Ask her the five w’s and h, what, why, where, when, and whom. Then she can explain to you why you listen carefully.

Your girlfriend has no excuse why she receives incessant gifts in form of alerts. You should check her alerts, date, and time. This would help you access and know what she is up to. High statistics of monies received by night show that she hooks up.

  • Extensive Uber history 
Uber history

Extensive Uber history is another way or sign that your girlfriend does hookups. As long as your girlfriend is not an E driver like Uber, Taxify,y, or Bolt, she has no excuse why her Uber history is on the high statistics. 

One way to verify your doubt is to check her Uber history, this would show where she leaves from and where she goes to. With this information,n it would be easier to tell the characteristics of her activities.

With Uber history,y you could know if your girlfriend has shady activities or movements. Most shady activities take place at night, although some shady activities are still run during the day.

Your girlfriend’s Uber history helps you to know where she frequents during the night and daytime. So many late-night outings at ungodly hours only to end up on unknown streets of strangers shows she is available at their beck and call. 

  • Shows nudes on social media

A good girlfriend or woman does not put up her nudes on social media. A decent lady would not be seen posting nude pictures of herself online, girlfriends who put up pictures of their unclad bodies online are playing the game of thirst trapping. 

Thirst trapping is when ladies use nude or semi-nude pictures to lure men to themselves. Thirst trapping depicts to strangers that you are available to have fun if asked or obliged to. Posting nudes on social media puts her in the spotlight for other men to see.

  • Has no decent clothes 

Girls who engage in hook-up activities have no decent clothes. This is because engaging in hookup activities always requires you to dress in a more alluring and seductive manner, hence very revealing clothes suits this hookup category the most. 

Clothes like mini skirts, crop tops,s and cutouts, clothe that bares sensitive areas of the body. Complete clothing or corporate clothing keeps the body covered up, and this does not allow her to show the sensitive parts of her body that she uses to lure men.

Lack of decent clothing shows that your girlfriend is not making any effort to be responsible. Even easy jobs like a sales rep in a mall have a dress code or a certain way they are expected to appear. 

This means that she has no intention of getting a job, is decent, and won’t miss any opportunity to make men thirsty. The lack of decent clothing is physical evidence of the life she is living.

  • She is a heavy drinker 

Heavy drinking is not a good characteristic of a well-mannered woman. Heavy drinking often than not causes one to lose their manners, and be incoherent or sloppy. 

Making them unaccountable for their actions and thoughts and reactions. You should ensure that you monitor her drinking habits and refrain from excessive usage if possible.

 Heavy drinking makes women be targeted as prey by men, this is because a girlfriend who is a heavy drinker would sometimes get out of manners, speech, gestures, sloppy seconds,s and a poor sense of judgment.

 A man who has ulterior motives may use these sloppy seconds to woe or lure her to him as she lacks a good sense of judgment. A girlfriend who wants to engage in hookup activities uses heavy drinking as an avenue to do this.

  • Likes to party and do drugs 

Girlfriends who like to party a lot and do drugs have a higher chance of engaging in hookups with men. Partying too much is not a good trait for a woman. This causes her to mingle with strangers from time to time. 

A lady who likes to party a lot uses it as an avenue to get new men for herself or get down to bed with a stranger casually. Girlfriends who party, drink a lot, and do drugs have a habit of hookup with other men asides from their partner.

They use the excuse of intoxication or overdose to get away with bad actions. You can hear her say was tipsy which was why I came late. I overdosed and don’t know how I ended up on his bed.

  • All her friend’s do hookups 

A red flag in a girlfriend is noticing that all her friends do hookups except her. There is an adage that says “birds of the same feather fool together, now ask yourself how is she the only odd one out of her friends. 

They all have to be in sync with their characters and activities to be friends. You should check your girlfriend’s phone activities to know what she and her friends are up to when they hang out together.

Girls who engage in hookups are fond of passing men around to each other, this is a common thing for them to do. Your girlfriend having friends who engage in hookup activities means she does the same too.

  • Transactional sex

Is sex between you and your girlfriend transactional? If yes then your girlfriend is just using you for hookup without you knowing. Your girlfriend has devised a means to use sex as a way for her to get money. 

Girls who engage in hookup activities use sex to get money hence sex is transactional with them. This is a bad way to be in a relationship as a good girlfriend does not make sex with her man transactional but for pleasure.

The orientation of making sex transactional shows a lot of behavioral dysfunctions. Girlfriends who have this transactional mentality towards sex are quick to cheat and be dishonest.

It is easier for girlfriends who hook up to abandon their present relationship for money, flashy things,s or heightened trills and the list is endless. They leave you for anything that they deem fit to be traded.

  • Leaves to the bathroom several times when you are both out.

The habit of leaving the bathroom when you both are out is a serious red flag. Be wise bro, open your eyes. As long as your girlfriend does not drink a lot or have a urinary tract problem. 

The need to ease herself more than necessary means she is up to something. Ladies use the excuse of using the restroom to create a lead or signal unsuspecting men around them. 

Most times they trail after her to the bathroom or lobby to exchange phone numbers. But sometimes, your girlfriend is not even aware that she is been trailed or followed. 

Therefore, it is important to expect your girlfriend to use the restroom when you both are out in public. Your chaperoning would serve as a deterrent to men who have an ulterior motive and a signal that she is taken.

Men have a habit of wanting a woman that is with a man. Women know this and use it as an avenue to hook up with them. That is the reason why your girlfriend leaves for the bathroom for the one-hundredth time.

  • Bad money habit

Bad money habit shows that she has no sense of value for money. The only reason your girlfriend should have a bad money habit is if she is from a very well-to-do family. This means that she has her own money to spend.

But that should not put a strain on you as it is her own money she has to spend carelessly and not yours. Where she demands to spend, allow her to spend her own money on her own accord. 

A lady or person who works honestly for their money now the true value of money. Your girlfriend may belong to the category that does not work but is quick to make bad money decisions or down your hard effort to provide.

Girlfriends who hook up are lazy to work for money and cannot hold a job down. Despite all you do for them the only thing you hear is so many complaints from them. This is because your girlfriend lacks the decency to appreciate hard and honest work.

Does your girlfriend belong to the category of girls that broke shame you from time to time? Listen up.

Maybe it is time to talk to her about getting a job or finding a legit means of earning. 

Anyone who doesn’t work shouldn’t be the one to call the shots for the money spent. Do this and see how she reacts to you. Irrational reaction proves that she is entitled but won’t contribute to anything patterning money or development.

  • Only value material things

The overwhelming love for material things shows how thirsty your girlfriend is. Material things would remain material things as there are immaterial things money cannot buy as well. Things like joy, peace of mind,d and contempt.

Girlfriends who have great value and love for material things are more prone to hook up with other men. This is because they are swayed by material things or whatever they place a value on.

Value for material things is a character mostly exhibited by girls who engage in hookups. They have no control over themselves when faced with material things on which they place value.

Men who use material things to lure women know how to distinguish women who have an affinity for material things and the ones that don’t. Thirsty women mostly exhibit a goblin-like attitude or act like a magnet attracted to anything materialistic.

Materialistic girlfriends compromise more with strange men because they know they would get something in return from the man. This is a pure example of being thirsty and using that to hook up with who would give her something material in return.

  • Unrealistic goal

Unrealistic goals are a characteristic of a girl that does hookups. This is because they do not work for money but believe in setting goals that are unrealistic for her. A person who works knows how to plan their salary or wages.

A lady who works for her wages would be true to herself, she knows her income, knows what to spend and how to save. But a girlfriend who has no work has no goal. She only hopes to find money through gift gestures from men.

This is a sign that she does hookup as nothing goes for nothing, especially with strange men she latched unto. One who doesn’t earn money legally by work or a job but has a strong urge all the time that she would get some money from the blues is not a good trait.

  • Low manners 

Equally a lady is supposed to exhibit some level of mannerism that is acceptable in private and public. A girlfriend is to respect her man no matter how insubordinate she thinks she is.

 A man is the head of the home, he should lead and the woman should follow except for unacceptable instances or life-threatening situations. Going out a lot or without the consent of her man is a bad light to put oneself in. 

Often than not this action causes mistrust in couples. A lack of manners makes a man feel less of themselves as they are to be the head of a relationship. Talkback, comeback, or clap back is perceived as being rude.

There are some characteristics of a mannerless woman, for example, talking to all your male friends, having loud bubble gum habits, attention seeker, getting aggressive easily when angry, rudeness, foul language, and many more.

  • They have no job and cannot handle one

There is now this new saying or quiet girls use these days, I am a baby girl so treat me as one. This talk comes from a place of a lack of competence in a person. She has no job, cannot hold a job down, and is Lazy to work. 

A girlfriend who cannot decently hold down a job is just a hooker, it is hard to explain how you want she wants to be treated as a baby girl but cannot hold a job to get her allowance for her baby girl’s treatment. 

Instead, she lives with this mentality and wait for men to take care of her. There are red flags a man must look out for in women these days. Women have developed bad habits over the years and men.

  • So Many Bathrooms And Hotel Selfies But No Work Selfies.

This one is a no no no guys, ask yourself this question. Why does your girlfriend have so many bathroom and hotel pictures and no work photos? This is a very sensitive and important point to make here.

Does she work in a hotel? Or as a janitor. Please be wise when trying to gather information about your girlfriend. This point is very serious that needs to be looked into. This shows that your girlfriend is a hooker.

So many bathroom shots and selfies. This is quite an unhealthy activity. Start by asking her why so many selfies in a bathroom she doesn’t own or work at. You have to ask her this sensitive question.

She has to come to an understanding and know that only hookers exhibit such characteristics. Parties are not thrown every day nor can you lodge at a hotel so frequently. As long as she has no official meetings at this venue, tell her this act is wrong.


Asking if you should break up with your girlfriend depends on what you find out or not. Some situations are redeemable while others are not. But one thing to put at the back of your mind is that no one is a saint and a leopard cannot change its spot. 

Give her the chance to take a new leaf by changing her old ways. Do not beg her to make this decision. After making your findings you should sit with her and make her know how wrong she has been acting.

 If she will change, you would notice that she has a remorseful countenance. But if she gets aggressive over your turn findings and facts, this only proves that she is aware of what she is doing.

 One thing is to like someone, and another thing is to know if they like you back. A girlfriend that loves you attempt to be a better person and you should cut her some slacks knowing that no one is a hundred percent perfect. 

A bad girlfriend does not change her ways or show remorse, rather when she is caught in her bad ways she throws tantrums and gets very protective of her phone and aggressive. That right there is a big red flag and a referee’s whistle lol man. 

One thing is to pinpoint bad habits, and another thing is to change as we all know that you can take a horse to the stream but you cannot force it to drink from the stream. 

For humans, you can only help but notice irregularities but you alone cannot fix them except your partner will make the changes. So we can say together that only a girlfriend who will accept change for the better should be with you. 

Anything that disrupts your peace of mind should be kept away from your perimeters. Peace of mind is paramount to our health and always remember that the best things in life are for free. 


In this article, we have talked about the various ways you can tell if your girlfriend is doing hookups. This is tricky to piece together without evidence or statistical data. You have to make your findings first but carefully.

 There are some points or facts that show your girlfriend is a hooker, things like not being able to hold down a job, incessant money gifts from strangers, transactional sex, so many bathroom pictures, and so on.

 In doing this you have to be careful not to lay false accusations on her as your girlfriend would not take these accusations lightly. You have to be constructive when having this conversation rather than being forceful or bashful. 

For a person to take correction you have to play it carefully so that they don’t feel judged as no one is perfect. But if they will change for you, then thumbs up to you. 

You should explain to your turn girlfriend why you want to be with her so that there are clear intentions. Most times a man’s lack of intentions causes a girl to look elsewhere. No one like to be just there in a relationship like a monument. Doing this would make everyone know where they stand.

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