12  Successful Ways You Can Make Your Girlfriend Happy

A happy girlfriend makes a great relationship right? Do you see signs of sadness in your girlfriend or has her mood been cloudy for a while now?

As a good boyfriend, these are the thoughts that would be probably racing through your mind.

Knowing who your girlfriend is and what her personality is would go a long way to halo you know how to make her happy.

This is because what makes Mary happy would differ from what makes Martha tick.

There’s no one particular way to make every woman happy. What is important is that you understand your girlfriend and what makes her happy?

There are key factors that we would discuss in this article on how to make your girlfriend happy. 

You Can Make Your Girlfriend Happy By Doing This.

  • Buy her gifts
  • Be sensitive
  • Know her personality 
  • Journey to discovery
  • Be her friend
  • Listen to her
  • Be a good decision maker
  • Be her cheerleader 
  • Respect her in front of other women 
  • Make her your queen
  • Let her in on your decision before enacting
  • Do not hit her

12 Things You Can Do To Make Your Girlfriend Happy.

1. Buy Her Gifts

One sure way to make your girlfriend happy is by showing her how much you care and appreciate her through gifts.

Although gifting does not mean that you equate her value to mere material things, they can show love, intent, appreciation, affection, and care. 

Thoughtless gifts are not appealing to girls they seem rude to us. More often than not, it is the simple and well-thought-out intent that matters.

Females are very sensitive beings and want to feel special, intentional gifting would be a genuine way to express that to her. 

You have to know your girlfriend’s likes and dislikes, what makes her tick or moody. Let’s give a simple example here. You cannot gift a cat to a dog lover or a dog to a cat lover. Neither of them would appreciate this gesture. 

Knowing your girlfriend would go a long way to ensuring she is happy. This would make you know what gift to get for her. Giving gifts that mean something to her lets her see that you know her and are intentional about her.

Some girls like elaborate gifts while some like them very little or private, this depends on their personality. Special dates and treats are also a form of gifting. Gifting can range from money to monetary items or dates and treats.

A spa date for massage and beauty therapy is also a form of gift for the girls. A soft and cozy setting for a Netflix and chill evening sounds like a cool plan for bonding and can be seen as a treat or a gift. You should try this out and thank me later when your girlfriend is beaming with a smile.

2. Be sensitive

To make your girlfriend feel safe in a relationship you have to be sensitive. Being sensitive comes in different forms, you can be sensitive with the way you talk to her especially when you are angry. 

Acting rudely before or after a quarrel can be seen as insensitive. 

Your actions or thoughts mean a lot to a girlfriend. Controlling your reaction is a way to make her happy.

Good communication skills and conflict resolution is a skill needed in a relationship, this helps control how you talk or react to matters.

Body shaming your girlfriend is not a good act. Everyone struggles with body image, and making snide jokes or remarks about her body is not a good one. Doing this shows that you are insensitive and would ruin her confidence. 

Snide jokes and remarks would only make her less comfortable in her skin and bring about a lack of confidence in her. 

Instead, show her love and kindness by being sensitive with the way you talk to her, and let her know she is safe and secure with you, doing this would make her happy.

3. Know her personality 

Knowing your girlfriend’s personality goes a long way to ensure that she is happy. 

Personality is how one appears to other people, in character, thought process, likes, and dislikes. These are important traits to know about your girlfriend.

Her likes and dislikes are one simple way to know what makes her happy or sad. What makes your girlfriend happy differs from what makes another girl happy. Everyone has their preference for what they like or dislike.

Is your girlfriend the quiet type or the outgoing type? Knowing her type of person and traits would help you make her happy, without knowing her personality or traits, making her happy would be a very hard gesture to pull off. 

4. Journey to discovery

A girlfriend who has discovered herself is more likely to make a relationship feel whole, safe, and enjoyable. As a boyfriend, there is little or nothing you can do to change someone. 

But Your help and unbiased opinions and contributions help her on her journey to self-discovery.

Don’t be a captain save a hoe, we know how mentally exhausting that project can get.

This is because trying to save a girlfriend who is not ready to save herself is mentally tiring or sickening.

Before you embark on the journey to self-discovery with your girlfriend, make sure she is willing to go on this journey and needs it so badly. 

The saddest thing to do as a boyfriend is to spend time and energy on a girlfriend who is not willing to discover herself or change from ways or things that don’t put her in her best light. You only do this because you want the best for your girlfriend.

You can take a horse to the stream but you cannot force it to drink. To embark on this journey your girlfriend has to be ready and willing to take it. She has to have the urge to be a better version of herself. Without her having a genuine yearning for betterment all your efforts will prove abortive. 

Ask yourself as a person, asides from the monetary gifts and public display of affection as lovers, what else do you have or have gained in a relationship? Being supportive on her journey to self-discovery is one way to prove to your woman that you love her and this magnanimous effort would make her happy for sure.

5. Be her friend

Even as adults we crave genuine friendship, bonding, and closure. In a relationship, genuine friendship should be bred between you and your girlfriend. 

Being her friend would foster genuine friendship between you two. Your relationship with your girlfriend does not have to be rigid, a rigid relationship does not give a ground for trueness and vulnerability. 

Trueness and vulnerability allow both of you to be open without being judgemental. This makes the relationship archaic or more of role-playing, where everyone thinks they are expected to act one way instead of being themselves. 

When you are friends with your girlfriend, she is more likely to confide in you because she has no fear of being judged. Genuine friendship and trust would make you her confidant This would make her feel happy and safe in the relationship.

6. Listen to her

Women want to be heard in a relationship, and listening to your girlfriend is one way to make her know she is in a relationship. 

Women want to be heard, seen, and understood when in a relationship or commitment to love. 

Giving your girlfriend a listening ear shows that she is seen and you acknowledge her opinions. 

Listening to her makes her feel welcomed and validated. No one wants to feel like their opinions don’t matter in their relationship. 

Listening to your girlfriend makes her know that she is included and you see things from her perspective too.

Giving her listening ears allows her to know that you don’t dismiss her as a person, more like making her have a stake or share in the relationships as this would make any girlfriend very happy.

7. Be A Good Decision Maker

To be a man is not a day job, you have to possess good decision-making skills. 

Women like to be led by a strong man who knows what they are doing. Knowing how to make good decisions would make your girlfriend feel safe and happy.

Without the ability to make good decisions, you cannot make your girlfriend happy, a wise man knows how to make good decisions for himself. Women love this trait in men as it makes them feel secure. 

Good decisions show your girlfriend that they are secure with you and nothing makes a girlfriend happier than the assurance of security. A wise man is known for the quality of his decisions.

A girlfriend may be willing to share opinions or even give advice to her boyfriend in a relationship. This can be a good thing but can also go wrong in the long run. Women like men to lead and follow. 

This is because that is how nature has made it to be, as a man’s lack of good decision-making skills makes your woman see him as a weak man or someone that cannot trust his guts. To make your girlfriend happy you have to be sure of your decisions and make good ones.

8. Be Her Cheerleader 

Hype your girlfriend before someone else does it for your bro. 

You are what you consume, the information and thoughts you consume are what mold you into how you feel, react, or think. 

Becoming your girlfriend’s cheerleader is one way to make her happy.

Constantly hyping your girlfriend or cheerleading her reveals how much she means to you.

Becoming her cheerleader would make her grow to be very confident and sure of herself leading to a positive attitude and growth. 

Cheerleading your girlfriend would gladden her heart as it shows you are her big fan. Congratulating her on her small wins as well as the big wins too, all wins are wins in succession. 

You can cheer her on even the little things that matter like cooking, cleaning, passing her exams, and more. Your act of cheerleading her on both her big and small wins would make her happy.

9. Respect her

Respect is reciprocal and does unto others what you want others to do unto you. 

Showing respect to your woman would validate and make her happy. Treating her with respect teaches her how to treat you in return, so this gesture is a win-win for all.

You can show respect in different ways like watching your tone when you are angry at her, not downing her nor dismissing her as a person or in public, not ridiculing her views and beliefs, by acknowledging her alone as a woman and before any other woman. 

These are sure ways to act that can make your girlfriend happy.

Like I said earlier, respect is reciprocal, meaning that if you respect your girlfriend, she in turn would learn to respect you. 

Just like you teach her from your actions to treat you just the way you treat her.  Respect in a relationship is like a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties for good.

10. Make Her Your Queen

Queen Girlfriend

Do you leave your girlfriend unchaperoned? That is not a good idea as it makes her prone to strangers bumping into her, by the way, a queen never moves alone. 

The way you treat your girlfriend really matters, simple acts of cherpharoning make her feel like a queen and happy. Your attitude towards your girlfriend eats others knowing how you treat her.

This is a very important thing to note down when trying to make your girlfriend happy, your girlfriend deserves to be treated like a queen, and doing this would make her happy as a woman.

Doing the little cheer gestures like opening the door for her, holding out her chair, holding her hands while in heels, and so on.

11. Let Her In On Your Decision Before Enacting It.

Decision-making is a very crucial and sensitive part of a relationship. As a couple dating, you have to make decisions together in your relationship. 

One-sided decision-making would make your girlfriend feel left out of the relationship. 

Letting your girlfriend in on plans and decision gives her more room for closure as she knows she is not left out in the relationship. She has to have a choice and say when it comes to choice in a relationship. 

Carrying her along with the decision-making in a relationship is one way to make her happy. This lets her know that she is a team member with you rather than just a subject who has no opinions or choices.

12. Do Not Hit Her

Let us be honest here, it is all shades of wrong to hit your girlfriend. A girlfriend who is abused in a relationship can never reek of confidence and happiness. Hitting your girlfriend robs her of her joy as a person.

Being aggressive with your girlfriend kills the little girl in her. This would leave her feeling abused and berated in the relationship leaving her feeling unhappy. 

You can make her feel safe by not shouting or being aggressive with her.

Not hitting your girlfriend, shouting at her, or excessively controlling her allows her to be free and express herself to you. The battery is not a good act in a relationship, a battery-free relationship ensures your girlfriend that she is happy and safe with you. 

How to know if my girlfriend loves me 

  • She does not joke with your stomach

Hey guys, let me tell you one thing that is a fact, a girlfriend who loves you would not play with your stomach. We have a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and you’re down below lol. 

Cooking is a very intentional act, a woman who cooks for you shows that she is an intentional and observant woman. She already knows what you like or dislikes in food, your palette preferences, and food allergies you may have. 

A girlfriend who loves her man would make sure he is well-fed and taken care of because a hungry man equals a cranky baby. Cooking is not easy and not so difficult a process, making meals for you is one sure way that shows your girlfriend gives a hoot about you or even your stomach. 

  • She buys you gifts

Yes, Kings and girlfriends are the only ones who deserve gifts in a relationship, you do because you matter. Getting your loved ones a gift is one way to show them how much you care for them in your way. Gifting can be physical or an experience.

It can be monetary, parcels, or feelings. Monetary gifts include money, credits, and other forms of legal tender while parcels come in various forms ranging from tiny, and small to big. parcels can include jewelry, clothing, accessories, house, gadgets, toys, books, etcetera.

Gifting in feelings are things like, a trip to a choice destination choice, a special spa experience, yoga meditations, therapy, dates, outings, picnics, and opportunities.

  • She obeys you

A girlfriend’s obedience proves that she loves you. Obedience is better than sacrifice, that’s an old saying which proves that loyalty is a sign of love and submission from your girlfriend. Disobedience shows she would not be submissive to you.

Disobedience in your girlfriend is proof that she doesn’t love you, this act would lead the relationship into a continuous misunderstanding. 

The first sign of love is obedience, a woman who loves you would obey you.

A girlfriend that loves you knows your dos and don’ts, this is very important in a relationship as anything not soothing to her man would not be acted upon. Love can also be shown by obedience in a relationship.

  • She respects you 

A woman who loves you would not be rude to you. Rudeness is a sign of disrespect, rudeness can come in the form of insensitive loud talks or mummies, cursing, or daring. Showing you respect as a man shows that she loves you. 

A respectful girlfriend watches her tone even when very angry at you, she chooses her choice of words when in conflict.

This is because she is a thoughtful person and would not allow anger to make her tell you hurtful things. 

Respect is also a huge sign that your girlfriend loves and respects you. She acknowledges you in private and in public with an upright and respectful character.

A woman with respect is like a crown and peace of mind to her man.

  • She gives you good advice 

A good woman gives only good advice to her lover. A good adviser is a home keeper and brings peace to the home instead of conflict. Good advice is a sign that your girlfriend loves you, good advice works like magic in any relationship. 

Good advice gives room for growth and betterment of oneself in a relationship. From the way a man lives, his choices and actions show the quality of the partner he has. Good advice reflects on us knowingly and unknowingly.

A girlfriend who loves you would want only the best for you and would not advise you wrongly. Bad advice would only put you in trouble, the quality of your choices can be traced to the type of partner that you have. 

  • She doesn’t down your efforts 

A girlfriend who loves you would not down your effort in any given circumstance instead she is quick to fill you up with admonishment and praise even in the smallest things.

She is appreciative of your effort and what you do for her. Love language in a relationship is very important, it can be in form of praises, admonishment, cheerleading, support, or any act that seems fit to be.

Even in hard times, a girlfriend who loves you would be patient with you not forgetting your efforts in the past or downing your little present. No matter how little you provide as long as you put in the effort, a good girlfriend will not turn you down.

  • She looks out for you emotionally

Your emotional well-being matters a lot in life as a while, as we care for our loved ones not to get hurt or be in uncomfortable situations that is how a thoughtful girlfriend looks out for your emotional well-being.

Emotional well-being is responsible for your moods, a lack of emotional balance would cause a relationship to be rocky. Life can be hard when the going gets tough, but with a thoughtful girlfriend who loves you, she would look out for you emotionally. 

Forget this popular myth that says men don’t cry, that is a lie as men are also human and emotional beings too. Although most men don’t cry in public but do that in private. A woman who loves you makes herself available to nurture her man’s emotions.

Acts like making sure you are okay, admonishing you when things get hard, and not putting pressure on you, are little ways a girlfriend who loves you can look out emotionally for you.

  • She doesn’t fondle with your account 

This right here is a sensitive point, a girlfriend that truly loves you would not fondle with your account. 

Fondling with the account is an act of dishonesty in a relationship, withdrawal of funds without prior notice is seen as being dishonest.

Honesty in a relationship is key, it assures your partner of whom you are to them. They needed money in the account or in general, it will be well communicated by both of you. 

Withdrawing without your knowledge or not making you aware even after withdrawal is a dishonest act. 

  • She doesn’t withhold her body for you

Guys gather the runarounds table, this is an important service announcement.

A girlfriend who loves you cannot withhold her body from you even when angry. Her body is like a gift to you.

A woman who loves you gifts her body to you, she does not starve or deny you of it. A girlfriend that loves you would be sexually compatible with you or work to build that with you to make you happy.

If your girlfriend loves you, sex would not be used as a means of exchange, watch out if your woman makes you buy her present before you can make love to her, if this is so, you are in for a ride.


Making your girlfriend happy in a relationship should not be an impossible mission to carry out. you should do this as long as she is not set all out to make all your plans prove abortive or futile. 

To make your girlfriend happy you have to know what she likes, what makes her sad or happy, and just her preferences in general. In a relationship, your girlfriend’s happiness depends on the way you treat her.

There are differently proven ways to make your girlfriend happy, things like buying her gifts, being sensitive to her as a person, knowing her personality, listening to her, showing her support, and so on.

A girlfriend who loves you would be by your side, stay obedient to you, she would not withhold or starve you of her body, even your mental health matters to her. Actions done for love can be proven in many ways, depending on what you like or whom you date.

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