Potential Terror Alert As The US Orders Its Embassy Staff And Family Members To Leave Abuja

The US State Department did not identify the threat, but it does state in its country profile for Nigeria that “terrorists may attack with little or no warning,” with malls, markets, hotels, restaurants, clubs, or even schools as potential targets. 

The embassy on Sunday advised Americans to limit their travel due to a “elevated risk of terror attacks in Nigeria, specifically in Abuja,” a warning echoed by Britain, Canada, and Australia. This is the latest step in US security. 

Although Abuja has a reputation for safety, the Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for a number of incidents in the immediate region over the previous six months. 

Residents have been warned by the Federal Government to maintain their composure and take “essential precautions.”

A counterterrorism drill has also been mandated by the police in the nation’s capital. 

After a large-scale prison break from Kuje, a facility outside of the city, in July, locals in the Abuja area, particularly Western diplomats, have grown more concerned about security. 

Increased risk 

According to a US announcement, “The Travel Advisory for Nigeria has been modified owing to an increased danger of terrorist strikes in Abuja.” 

We advise Americans not to travel to Abuja at this time. 

“Additionally, on October 27, 2022, the Department authorized the departure of non-emergency U.S. federal personnel and family members from Abuja due to heightened danger of terrorist attacks, following on from the October 25 authorisation of such departure.”

Americans should think about leaving Abuja via the various commercial routes. Americans who want to leave but are unable to find commercial transportation choices can get help from the American Consulate in Lagos by sending an email to LagosFM@state.gov. 

Only emergency assistance is available to Americans in Abuja from the U.S. Embassy. All routine and emergency services are offered to American citizens in Nigeria by the U.S. Consulate General in Lagos. If any Americans in Nigeria need assistance, they should get in touch with LagosACS@state.gov or +234 1 460 3410.

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