How To Wash Your Wig At Home

Wigs set for cleaning

I know many people have difficulties in taking care of their wigs. In this article today, we would tell you how to take care of your wigs without them being too cumbersome or damaging to your wig. Wigs And Their Types Wigs are artificial hair made into the shape of a cap to fit the … Read more

Ultimate Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Doing Hook Up

Many boyfriends want to know if their girlfriend is into hookup or faithful. This is done when considering marriage, or the level of loyalty in a relationship. With the rise of poverty, cybercrime, and social media. Hookup has become an avenue for girls to make more illicit money, and become lazy and disloyal. When two … Read more

DJ Cuppy finally Gets Engaged To A Hidden Lover.

Fans all over the world celebrated with famous disc jockey Cuppy Otedola for getting engaged.  Cuppy took to social media to share her engagement to British boxer Taylor. There was excitement and joy as Cuppy accepted to be his bride. We can expect the wedding bells to ring in their family soonest, with the expected … Read more

TAKEOFF of Migos crew dies in Huston at a dice game.

The popular American wrapper Take off has been shot dead. He died at twenty eight (28) years old in Houston Texas. It was reported that Takeoff was shot during a dice game where an altercation happened between other parties. There was a little fuss and shots were fired in the air. Stray bullet was said … Read more